1. Program of Live Testimonies

      2. 1, 2, and 3 June 2011

      3. Before the live program commences, a number of artworks—themselves testimonies of sorts—by the following artists are installed in the Roma Pavilion:

        LYNN HUTCHINSON LEE (artist, Canada) & HEDINA TAHIROVIĆ SIJERČIĆ (artist, Germany) (chirikli collective): Canada Without Shadows/Kanada Bizo Uchalipe, 2010–2011, 4-part sound installation, total running time 25:07 min.; MILUTIN JOVANOVIĆ (Serbia and Hungary): Migration, 2011, video, color, sound, 18 min.; FERDINANT KOCI (United Kingdom): Untitled, 2011, evolving drawing series; KIBA LUMBERG (Finland), Diary of a Mad Artist, 2010–2011, comic book, installation, drawings, dimensions variable; AERNOUT MIK (The Netherlands):  Exhibition Architecture (After Constant’s Design for a Gypsy Camp), 2011; NIHAD NINO PUŠIJA (Germany): Venice Mahala Opus, 2011, series of photographs as postcards, color, leporello format; MARIKA SCHMIEDT (Austria): VERMÄCHTNIS. LEGACY, 2010–2011, video, color, sound, 42 min.; ALFRED ULLRICH (Germany): Pearls before Swine, 2000, series of photographs, color, dimensions variable and Dachau, Landfahrerplatz kein Gewerbe, 2011, installation, traffic sign; MONA VĂTĂMANU & FLORIN TUDOR (Romania): Rite of Spring, 2010, super 8 film, color, no sound, 7:51 min.

      4. 1 June 2011

        13.00 hrs 
        DANIEL BAKER, artist, United Kingdom & PAUL RYAN, artist, United Kingdom: Mirror Mirror (lecture-performance)

        14.15 hrs 
        TOM MCDONOUGH, art historian, United States: Campo nomadi: Constant’s Design for a Gypsy Camp (lecture)

        15.30 hrs 
        MAUD DE BOER-BUQUICCHIO, Deputy Secretary General, Council of Europe, France: Roma Advocacy Quilt (presentation)

        16.15 hrs 
        CRISTINELA IONESCU, journalist and producer, Tumende TV Production, Romania: Romani Kris: Court of Common Consent (lecture-presentation)

        17.30 hrs 
        SALMAN RUSHDIE, author, United Kingdom/United States (talk)

        (Followed by informal drinks.) 

      5. 2 June 2011

        13.00 hrs 
        ROSEANNA MCPHEE, educator and activist, United Kingdom: No Justice – Tinker, Help Thyself (lecture-performance)

        14.15 hrs 
        SHAMUS MCPHEE, artist, United Kingdom: Out in the Open (conversation with Daniel Baker)

        15.30 hrs 
        THOMAS ACTON, Emeritus Professor of Romani Studies, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom: The New Romani Art (lecture)

        16.45 hrs 
        , artist, Serbia/Germany: Naked Life 22011, performance, 24 min.

        (Followed by informal drinks.)

        00.00 hrs 
        BORIS ONDREIČKA, artist, Slovakia: BLACK BIRDS & BLACKBIRDS, 2011, reading-performance, approx. 30 min.

      6. 3 June 2011

        13.00 hrs 
        CHRISTIANO BERTI (Italy), NIGEL DICKINSON (United Kingdom), TINA CARR (United Kingdom/Wales), and ANNEMARIE SCHOENE (United Kingdom/Wales) (participating artists): Web Launch of the Roma Media Archive (www.romamediaarchive.net) (talk-screening)

        14.00 hrs 
        ROBERT KUSHEN, Roma rights activist, United States: Sticks and Stones and Words that Hurt: Roma Rights in Quotation (lecture-bricolage)

        15.15 hrs 
        ŽELIMIR ŽILNIK, film director, Serbia: Kenedi Trilogy (lecture-presentation)

        16.30 hrs 
        STALKER/ON, art and architecture collective, Italy: New Destination: The Moon! (presentation)                                                                            

        18.00 hrs 
        with contributions by GEORGE SOROS (financier and philanthropist, address via podcast), ENGELBERT RUOSS (Director, UNESCO Venice Office), JAN TRUSZCZYYŃSKI (Director-General for Education and Culture, European Commission), ROBERT PALMER (Director for Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage, Council of Europe), WOLFGANG PETRISCH (Chair of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF)), and others, as well as well as a panel discussion taking place in parallel to the reception organized by Decade Trust Fund with: ZELJKO JOVANOVIC (Director, Roma Initiatives, Open Society Foundations), KATARINA MATHERNOVA (World Bank), BERNARD RORKE (Advocacy Director, Roma Initiatives, Open Society Foundations), DOLORES RUIZ BAUTISTA (Deputy Director for Social Programmes, National Coordinator of the Decade of Roma Inclusion, and Directorate General for Social Policy, Families and Childhood, Ministry for Health and Social Services, Spain), MONIKA ŠIMŮNKOVÁ (Government Commissioner for Human Rights and General Director of the Human Rights Section Office of the Government of the Czech Republic), and BRANKO SOČANAC (Head of Office, Government Office for National Minorities, Croatia).

        (Followed by drinks and an informal reception.)

      7. Please note: The program of live testimonies is subject to change, reflecting the project’s dynamics which, in sync with Roma culture, are characterized by contingency, improvisation, and hospitality to all people, including those who might choose to join the series spontaneously in solidarity.

      8. For additional information and press material:
        Esther Deen, Press officer 
        Tel. +31 6 46085566 
        Email: esther@bak-utrecht.nl


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