1. Exhibition

      2. Call the Witness is housed in the conference room of the UNESCO Venice Office, which continues to serve its function as a venue for conferences, expert meetings, and other gatherings for the duration of the exhibition. Due to these activities, please note that on the following dates the exhibition is either closed to the public or closes earlier than usual. We regret any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

      3. OCTOBER 2011

        4 October and 5 October
        closed all day

      4. SEPTEMBER 2011

        8 September
        exhibition closes at 17 hrs

        19 September and 20 September
        closed all day

        26 September and 27 September
        closed all day

      5. JULY 2011

        12 July                                                                                                                  exhibition opens at 13 hrs

        AUGUST 2011

        15 August
        closed all day

      6. JUNE 2011

        16 June
        exhibition closes at 14 hrs

        20 June and 21 June
        closed all day


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